Thursday, July 30, 2009

And some pictures for you to enjoy (now that I got my own finally on the computer)

The polar bear statue that your luggage goes around at the Svalbard/Longyearbyen Airport... A view of the tarmac at the airport after arriving, time 12:15 AM

The downtown 'Main Street' of Longyearbyen
Swimming in the ocean with survival suits on
Our typical commute to work...
And our typical load for the day...

We ran into a reindeer on the walk home the other day...

Freshly retrieved core of Kongressvatnet!

And finally, a nice view of Linnebreen (the Linne glacier) from the ridge on our walk back from Kongressvatnet


  1. Bro!! I love the pics so far. Can't wait to see more. It looks so beautiful there and like such an adventure. Hope you're having a great time and keeping warm!

  2. Hey David, I love the pics, especially the one of the polar bear statue at the airport. What a great way to be greeted in a foreign country. Remember to keep your head up, ears and eyes open at all times. Sounds like that polar bear is hungry. Look forward to more great pics.
    Keep warm and stay safe. Love Mom

  3. Hey Dave! Great pictures!! It must be weird not being dark a midnight!

    Got your postcard in the mail today. Hope all is well up there!!